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Advanced TypeScript & WebDRM


This talk will cover some intermediate and advanced TypeScript techniques. We'll show how to use TypeScript features like keyof, conditional and mapped types, type guards, etc. to improve your TypeScript code and add typings for your existing JavaScript code. We'll close the talk with some tips and experiences for migrating larger existing JavaScript projects to TypeScript.

SLOT 2: EME? CDM? DRM? CENC? IDK! by Sebastian Golasch

What hacking Netflix can tell us about Browser APIs & the open web

A deep dive into the world of Web Video behind paywalls, Browser APIs & everything in-between.

Once there was the tag, but content distributors decided it wasn't enough. They wanted more - more power, more protection, more control, more features. So, Encrypted Media Extensions were born & Digital Rights Management appeared in our browsers. In this talk, we'll explore the technical details behind Encrypted Media Extension (EME), Content Decryption Modules (CDM) like Widevine, and the foundation of Web Digital Rights Management (DRM). How? By reverse engineering Netflix and building our own personal Netflix video player!

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